First Wedding Dance Synchronicity

Can we just take a moment here to appreciate how amazing Ben and Rachel are? They came to The Love Of Dance having had no dance lessons ever, nor had ever danced together in a structured way. They started their first wedding dance lessons a little later in the wedding planning timeline very close to their wedding due to unfortunate circumstances of Rachel breaking her arm. I don’t usually encourage starting so late. Some couples can get disheartened when they don’t make much progress in a short space of time, panic because there isn’t much practise time, ultimately don’t feel prepared confident as the wedding is approaching and can end up worrying about the first dance. I wanted to help Rachel and Ben as they would have started earlier if it hadn’t been for Rachel’s injury and within a space of 9 hours over two weeks they learnt a basic slow waltz. 

Mr & Mrs Fernandez | First Wedding Dance Synchronicity
Mr & Mrs Fernandez | First Wedding Dance Synchronicity

Some people underestimate what is involved in learning a social ballroom dance. The idea of social dances is couples dance together often at a ballroom/dance club etc. without choreographed formations – unless maybe, in some styles, sequences learnt through a syllabus or dance school. They are able to lead someone they’ve not danced with before, through internationally understood leading signals – pretty clever really! The footwork may look simple, some may say repetitive, but for the lead dancer (in this case Ben) to take control, guiding a partner around the floor, usually takes quite some practise and skill: 

💃🏻Thinking ahead to the next move;

🕺Giving the correct lead signal to the partner so they know where they are going in good time to be on the correct foot with their weight in the right place;

💃🏻Listening to the music to change the footwork and add in flourishes to make the dance interesting to watch;

🕺The following partner has to switch into trust, responsive mode, allowing the lead to guide around the floor without interfering – this can take practise in itself!;

💃🏻Oh – and also making sure they’re keeping the hold in the correct position to make sure they don’t step on each others’ toes!

There’s a lot going on with each step huh?!

Ben and Rachel’s final practice couldn’t have been more perfect, even with its imperfections.

💃🏻They made the most of the time we had together in their lessons.

🕺They jumped straight in and were 100% dedicated to learning.

💃🏻They practised over and over.

🕺They listened to the music to get to know their song inside and out.

💃🏻They weren’t fazed if there were any little hiccups; Ben picked up the steps again and Rachel responded!

Textbook students!

Maybe it wasn’t down to my teaching and it was pure coincidence that these two moved so naturally together, but what we ended up with was a relaxed waltz which was so beautiful to watch, with a little simple choreographed intro to the dance…and then they were OFF – with Ben leading and Rachel had NO IDEA what moves he was going to pull out the bag!! 

One word just kept recurring over and over in my feedback to them during the lessons. They danced and moved so naturally together. Whether it’s a result of how this couple have grown together over the last 10 years, knowing each other inside and out, bringing them to this point of marriage; whether it’s that it was mapped in the stars, they were destined to dance together; I feel privileged to help them realise this destiny, bringing them closer together through their First Dance Lessons. 

The word was simply: Synchronicity. 

Just Magical. Thanks Universe.

First Wedding Dance Styles | Summary

First Dance Styles in a nutshell…
Here’s an easy reference summary of our first dance styles series for you to click on and review.
If you’d like to  have an initial conversation about your dance, or book a dance consultation with one of our experienced teachers.

Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Happy First Dance planning!

We leave you with a clip of Caroline and Tim’s First dance – a Foxtrot…

First Wedding Dance Styles | Freestyle Dance

…and all the Dance Styles in between.

This is our Wild Card Style day celebrating the first wedding dances that are a bit ‘left of centre’. The Wedding Dance YouTube videos have given rise to the phenomena of more adventurous couples wanting something a little less traditional. The Love of Dance’s teachers have massive experience in choreographing, performing and teaching in many styles of dance beyond Latin and Ballroom – we know no boundaries!

Freestyle Dance / Non-traditional First Dances

This is where your first dance gets exciting and has the potential to really thrill your guests. A fun, novelty statement routine could incorporate dance styles such as street dance or musical theatre styles – jazz or tap dance perhaps?  Or why not re-enact a famous dance scene from your favourite film, musical or music video. Don’t worry – you can still keep the romance – how about bringing a touch of Hollywood glam – think Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire!
John and Hannah wanted a medley of songs and they really went for it.  They started with the Dirty Dancing routine, into MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, finishing with Black Eyed Peas I Got A Feeling.  It entertained us teachers for sure – imagine how their guests responded!
You bring the music you like, whether one or multiple songs, and we’ll fit the movements to it, according to your requirements. At least within the scope of what the wedding dress will allow!

Event Entertainment - 50th Birthday Party

Event Entertainment – 50th Birthday Party

Freestyle Partner Dance

We’ve all had the fling around the dancefloor with a friend, partner or family member to mimic partner dance steps seen done by the pros.  These are moves we throw into routines to give them a bit of wow factor, which don’t necessarily follow footwork patterns of the structured social dances, but are used to fit the music.  After all – you’re won’t be competing for the world finals (not quite yet).  The rules are there to be broken as far as your first dance is concerned!

Dance for All!

Our favourite routines involve the bridesmaids and groomsmen…or as a surprise to the couple perhaps the guests could join in flash mob style!
To finish our week of The Love of Dance styles, although not strictly a wedding event here is a routine we choreographed for a 50th birthday party to give an idea of what we can achieve with you.  The client here commissioned us to produce a routine with professional dancers to his chosen song – we fulfilled the brief and then some.  Unbeknownst to him we taught his closest friends the routine too and they jumped in halfway through the song.  They’ll had lots of fun learning the dance – and the birthday boy? He loved it.

First Wedding Dance Styles | Jive & Swing

Get the Wedding Party Started with a Swing

Swing dance styles are the more fun, vivacious dance styles to suit more up-tempo tracks – great first wedding dances to to get the party started.  There are many types of Swing Dance, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jive and Rock N Roll created in the 1920s-50s to accompany swing style jazz music.

The Love of Dance Jive Dance Party

Heres a throwback photo to one of our jive parties we taught at for a regular social dinner and dance!

Jive for example is classed as one of the international latin styles of dance.  It came from the US in the 1930s and has a bit of a retro vibe about it.  Your first dance song doesn’t have to be from these eras – here are some songs that we think perfectly fit Jive and Swing dance:
  • Happy – Pharrell
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • Candy Man – Christine Aguilera
  • Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman
  • Do Your Thing – Basement Jaxx
Social Jive Dance basic steps consist of two slow steps on the spot and then a ‘quick quick’ rock back and forward. These styles don’t travel around a dance floor, although the size and energy of movements that can go towards the spins and sometimes jumps and lifts (for those feeling really adventurous!) can really eat up the space.  The steps should be light and bouncy and the upper body is free and responds to the usually jazzy and lively music with an air of showmanship and lots of smiles!
We’re not just about weddings. TLOD has also taught Jive and Swing dance parties for many occasions such as birthdays and commercial party events. Taster sessions in any dance style are a fun way to help guests get up to their feet and onto the dance floor. Your guests get mingling whilst learning some basic steps too – well we don’t want them feeling left out of the dancing action!

First Wedding Dance Styles | Salsa & Rumba

Bring Your Sauce to the Dancefloor with the Latino styles

If you want to bring a bit of sauce to your first dance or maybe your first dance song has a bit of latino flavour, Salsa is a good style to throw some dynamic moves into your routine.  Originally from Cuba with African and Spanish influences, and developed further in South America and New York too, this dance style is sure to bring a bit of fiesta to your day.  A style of dance that can also transfer to many dance floors together, once you have some basics under your belts.  Salsa can be entirely spiced up with the full on latino hip swank, it can be fun and energetic, sensual, or tamed down according to your preference to become a stylish first dance.  There are many different types of Salsa, depending on the country or region of origin – e.g. Cuban or New York cross body style.  Your teacher may specialise in one, two or many styles thus influencing the footwork and floor patterns you will learn.

First Wedding Dance

Dan & Jo. Photo (c) Kirstin Prisk

Songs to suit Salsa:
  • If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez
  • Fly Me to The Moon – search the salsa version on Youtube
  • Suavamente – Elvis Crespo
  • Sway (There are many versions of the Dean Martin original.  Bublé does a cha-cha version. Have a search on Youtube for the many different versions.)
  • Have a listen to the Buena Vista Social Club album.
Quite often you may find Salsa covers of popular songs – worth a search through YouTube for the options!
Just like Salsa, Rumba has flexibility to be as camped up Strictly Come Dancing/competition style or smoothed out to be a little more relaxed.  A little more intimate style than salsa, Rumba suits many modern popular and jazz standard songs on the 4/4 tempo, with a prolonged, slow first step and two percussive quick steps.  The song doesn’t necessarily have to have latino flavour.
Some of our favourite song examples that suit the Rumba are:
  • Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Andy Williams/Franki Valli
  • At Last – Etta James
  • The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
  • My Baby Just Cares for Me – Nina Simone
Here’s Amie and Alex’s First Dance using the Rumba footwork.  Watch out for the sustained first two beats to the bar.

First Wedding Dance Styles | Waltz

As part of our daily guide helping you choose your First Wedding Dance style, will it be a Wedding Day Waltz?

Originating from Germany, the characteristic flowing rise and fall of the Waltz offers an ethereal, graceful quality when bride and groom dance in their wedding day finery.  Another of the more classic, romantic and formal styles of ballroom, which will suit songs that are counted in a 3/4 time signature. Three beats to the bar means three steps in a basic Waltz footwork pattern.

Body Control

Couples dance in closed hold and you’ll see from the video example below the man/the lead have a strong, proud air to their poise, remaining lifted in the chest, whilst the woman/the follower may arch backwards.  There is minimal movement to the upper body, aside from the dancers’ upper body leaning slightly to follow the turn of the head towards the left or right shoulder.

First Dance Lesson (c) Mike Edwards

Travelling Patterns

Social Waltz steps usually travel anti-clockwise around the dance floor, and in a ballroom with many other partners dancing, couples will move to the centre of the floor to perform steps on the spot.  The usual rules of course can be stretched for your first wedding dance, so that the floor patterns can travel in any direction, or that posture can be more relaxed.

The Music

There are different types of Waltz dance, as there are many forms of the music.  Traditionally classical composers such as Strauss, Chopin and Brahms wrote Waltz scores, and now more modern popular songs using the 3/4 time signature can also be danced to, such as;
  • Come Away With Me – Nora Jones
  • Kissing You – Des’ree
  • Kiss From A Rose – Seal
  • If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
Here’s a beautiful Waltz from a Strictly Come Dancing moment, performed to Des’ree’s Kissing You.  Just like something out of a fairytale.

First Wedding Dance Styles | Foxtrot

Over the coming week we’re releasing a First Wedding Dance style per day as part of our guide to helping to choose a style for you. Today we’re looking at Foxtrot!

Foxtrot is quite a common wedding dance style – a classic, romantic and smooth ballroom dance, couples can take their time and feel confident on the dance floor.  Some types of Foxtrot can be a little more up-tempo depending on the song.  Think ladies gliding around in their beautiful ball gowns, led by dapper gents in their coats and tails.  Classy.

Karina and Theo wanted to dance to John Legend’s All Of You.  They didn’t want anything too adventurous, just needing some dance lessons for some pointers on the floor.  The song is nice and relaxed at a gentle 4/4 tempo.  They had some basic social Slow Foxtrot dance lessons and a simple structured routine using just the basic steps and a few ‘generic partner moves’ (see below) that allowed them to move calmly around the floor, whilst having a little flourish of moves to offer those photo worthy moments; opening out toward the audience and finishing with a classic dip (groom leans bride backwards).  They looked so chilled during their routine which meant they could just really enjoy the moment. Watch Karina and Theo here:

Other songs to suit Foxtrot:
Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
Here Comes The Sun – Nina Simone
You & I (Nobody In The World) – John Legend
The Way you Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
Let There Be Love – Nat King Cole


Perfect First Wedding Dance Practice

Caroline & Tim’s First Wedding Dance (c) Jackson & Co Photography 2015

First Wedding Dances Styles

You know you want to learn a routine or have dance lessons for your First Wedding Dance, and may even have played out how the first dance might look in your heads.  The many viral wedding dance videos may have been inspiration for your daydreams – but which style of dance should you choose?  Over the coming week we’ll release a dance style per day as part of our guide to helping you decide.

A guide to choosing your First Wedding Dance Style

First Dance Styles

The Song

You probably know which song you’d like to dance to on your special day.  Without dance lessons or prior preparation, the gentle sway from side to side may be some couples’ natural go-to groove for the more traditional slow song, or for something more up tempo, a fun ‘we’re in the disco style’ bop might do.

For something a little more memorable however, to either give yourselves a bit of a confidence boost on the day, or to give your guests something to talk about, a little choreography (let’s call it a structured routine if that sounds scary), or dance lessons in a style that suits your song could be for you.

The Style

Your The Love Of Dance teacher is more likely to teach you the ‘social’ style of dance forms rather than the formal, more structured competition style.  You may see variations in footwork in comparison to styles of dance you see on tv as there are quite often different variations of each type, so don’t worry if your style doesn’t look exactly like you’ve seen on TV dance competitions etc.  We aim however to leave you with a good foundation in your style for you to carry with you forever more!

Style and Music in Harmony

The Love of Dance teachers will work with you and your choice of song/s to find a style of dance that works with the music.  I say either ‘song’ or ‘songs’, as you may either be stuck on which song of many to choose from, in which case a consultation with us will demonstrate and allow you to try a few dance styles to suss out what you feel comfortable with, or you may want a medley of songs, so your teacher may suggest you have a little mash-up of dance styles to create a really impressive routine!  Your teacher will also get to know you and help to create the bespoke routine unique to your personalities, abilities and initial visions you may have.

…but we don’t have a Song?

You may even have the style of dance in mind, but not a clue of a suitable song to go with your style.  We can advise here too, giving you some songs to listen to if need be. There are many websites giving First Dance Song inspiration – just have a google search and see what comes up.

Live Entertainment

You may have a live wedding band and you could talk to them about performing the first dance song for you.  Make sure you give them the same version of the song you’ve got in mind so they play the right arrangement as you are unlikely to get a rehearsal with them. The Love of Dance can also provide live music to suit a desired theme or musical taste, taking the hassle out of finding music yourselves. Visit our Event Entertainment Page for more info and contact us to discuss.

Discounts and Giveaway Competition!!

It’s founder Alison’s birthday on Saturday 19th August.  To celebrate TLOD is offering a 20% discount to anyone who books their First Dance Lessons, Hen Party or Event Entertainment before 30th September 2017 and mentions “TLOD Birthday”.
We’re also doing a competition. To be in with a chance of winning a first dance lesson follow these instructions:
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  4. Ask your friends to do the same; and
  5. We’ll announce the winner on Alison’s birthday!

This competition is running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – so you may increase your chances of winning if you share through as many routes as possible!



Tips to Feel Fit and Fab for your Wedding

The way that our busy lives go these days, sitting at a desk Monday to Friday 40 hours a week or so is the norm for many, and is a recipe for creating bad habits that can stick for a lifetime.

During your first wedding dance you may want to achieve a statuesque posture as you glide around the floor. You may already be blessed with this, but if you wish to improve your posture, here are some tips for how to strengthen your alignment through your fitness regime. These fitness activities are popular with the pro dancers and will perfectly accompany and compliment your The Love of Dance first dance lessons.

Personal training – your personal trainer will advise you on exercises that will focus on strengthening and training the muscles in direct reference to the dance lessons. Try TRX Suspension training – it’s a bit hardcore, but suspending yourself from specially designed ropes, using your body weight to create the resistance works a treat for creating tone and definition, rather than bulk. Iona from Train Heal Breathe (THB) is a great outdoor fitness instructor based in London who tailors your programme to your requirements.

Check out the Special Offer with THB!

Check out the Special Offer with THB!


>Special Offer: We’ve teamed up with Train Heal Breathe who are offering 15% off personal training to The Love of Dance clients (see below for info!*).<<



Train Heal Breathe: PT for men and women

Train Heal Breathe: PT for men and women


Yoga or Pilates  – strengthens the muscles in the back, focuses on posture and also helps with the vital relaxation and breathing you may wish to practice in advance of, and on, the big day. Also good for brain training to help with coordination on the dance floor!

Swimming – excellent for strengthening the arm and back muscles to draw the shoulder blades down the back. Try some Aqua-aerobics too. Even if it’s not a class, you can create your own exercises in the pool. Treading water and moving your arms with the same action as if using weights offers effective toning to all areas of the body, especially if you can use floats and woggles (the tube shaped floats) too.

General dance classes – obviously! Your gym might offer a street class or many community centres offer classes in lot of styles, and most dance styles focus on strength of posture.

Alexander Technique – use this in conjunction with your fitness programme. Helps you to identify and correct bad habits like slouching, or to improve your technique in virtually anything you want to master!! Here’s a summary about Alexander Technique Summary and help to find certified teachers here.


Get the right fitness programme for you and maybe a bit of advice from an expert in each field about a programme to help you achieve your goals. Maybe consider getting your friends/bridesmaids/spouse etc involved, to make your sessions more enjoyable with a bit of bonding whilst your at it. You CAN have fun whilst getting fit. If you feel great in yourself you’re going to feel even better in front of your guests!

Work out with friends for more fun & to make sessions with THB even cheaper!

Work out with friends for more fun & to make sessions with THB even cheaper!


*Train Heal Breathe SPECIAL OFFER: 15% off Personal Training for TLOD clients! Just £34 per 60 min session when you buy ten. Usually £400 for 10 x 60 min sessions now just £340. Get a small group together and you will reduce the cost per person even further. Contact Iona for more info on Facebook, or visit her website here.


If you’ve got any injuries or physical health problems make sure you seek advice from a physician or an expert about your fitness regime before you try any new physical activity.

Enjoy Every First Wedding Dance Step

First Dance Performance Tips

First Dance Performance Tips

You may get a bit hot under the collar thinking about your big day; all eyes will be on you for most of it. You’ve rehearsed your first wedding dance many times over in the privacy of your dance lessons, but you still have to think about all your friends and family and loved ones watching you do it next.  Here are some first wedding dance tips for you on your wedding day, taken from the professionals, to help deal with your performance nerves…they may help further than just getting you through your first dance!

  1. Breath deep

Take deep breaths and learn how to calm yourself in advance of your wedding. A bit of mindful practice if you will. Practice this with your partner so you can help each other through the day. Maybe a signal or something between you when you need it to trigger a relaxation mode – or maybe just a glance at each other will be sufficient!

  1. Dance in your mind

Imagine yourself going through the routine in the reception room. Even better, get a rehearsal in your reception room if you can be for the event. This will prepare you mentally as you picture a crowd around you, and also physically so you can get used to the floor you’ll be dancing on. Listen to your first dance song on the tube, close your eyes and imagine any little detail you can about where your guests will be, which end of the room you will be facing, which part of the routine happens in which part of the floor.

  1. Stand like a pro

Put yourself in the mind of a professional – adopt that cool calm exterior of ‘gliding’ through the routine. Hold yourself tall, practise the posture you’ve trained yourself for through the dance lessons throughout your day and it will instantly give you an air of assurance – even if you don’t necessarily feel it inside.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

Don’t worry about being step perfect and relieve yourself from the pressure of thinking it has to be! Most of your guests won’t be aware of your first dance lesson preparation! They’ll already be really impressed that you’ve done that much. This is not a grand world premiere at the Royal Opera House (unless you want to treat it as such), and any slip ups you might make through the first dance will probably just be endearing if you know how to have a good old laugh at yourself if it happens.

Prepare yourself during the lessons for the eventuality that things may go wrong. Know how to revert back to the basic step, which you’ll work on through your dance lessons, or how to not panic if it falls apart. No one in your audience will know the routine so you can pull the wool over their eyes if it doesn’t go as planned.

See the ‘Practice Makes Permanent’ blog for tips to hard wire your dance steps into your muscle memory! Couples who have practiced in advance of their event report they feel much calmer doing so.

  1. Relax your face

Think of the dance as a conversation so you engage your facial expression too. Talk through the dance with your partner or sing the words once you can switch off from concentrating on your feet. You can decide how much to ‘camp’ it up – or not – but this will give you a bit of focus for your face!

  1. Where to look

Who you focus on when dancing is down to character. You may be quite happy to look out into the audience and smile and enjoy the reaction on the faces of your friends and family, but if you think that might put you off you can focus on your partner for the most part, and then try looking over the tops of the crowd’s heads. The distance between you will mean they’ll never have to know you’re not looking at them!

Overall prepare to have fun! ‘When you dance the purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” Wayne Dyer

Remembering this will hopefully help you remain calmer and reduce the anxiety if you prepare for any little hiccups.