Hen Dance Parties

“Much fun, feathers and laughter were had by all.   Thoroughly recommend you as a dance teacher”

Jess, Burlesque Hen

Hen dance parties are the biggest craze.  The Love of Dance can teach dance at your hen party – or any party – to make it a celebration to remember.

Some popular styles and themes are:

Street | Burlesque | Cabaret / Musical Theatre | Glee | Grease | Boy/Girl Band | Pop Divas

1½ dance lesson – allows a basic dance routine with half way break

3 hour dance lesson (recommended) – 3 hour lesson allows creation of a complete, polished routine in relaxed length of time with drink breaks (time for champagne etc!), and time to dress up.

Single Ladies Hen Dance Party

Single Ladies Hen Dance Party

“Thank you so much for an amazing dance routine! It was great fun and can’t wait to use the moves at the wedding. Until the next hen do…”

Antonia, Beyonce’s Single Ladies Hen Party Organiser

Bespoke Packages

These suggested packages offer standard formats of delivery – The Love of Dance also provides bespoke packages to suit your desires and requirements.  You can specify a particular style/theme (e.g. hip hop, can-can, Chicago, Glee, Grease! etc.), any songs, which you would like to learn a dance to or styles other than those offered.

Options for the party package:

•    Perform and film your routine (DVD production costs apply)

•    Prop and accessories for your dance lesson

•    Pick your song for the routine

•    Option to bring your own music or provide playlist for the whole lesson

Download the enquiry form on the contact page or contact The Love of for a quote and more information.