Body shape goals – a holistic approach through fitness & diet

Major news! I’m now a Certified Nutrition Coach in addition to being a dance and Pilates instructor! I can now help my clients to achieve their body weight and shape goals through both fitness and nutrition.

Many of us want to get a more toned stomach – and sit ups can form a part of the toning of the abs…but to burn adipose subcutaneous fat tissue, we need to build in a regular full body fitness plan to burn total fat and look at improvements in the diet to support that weight loss – a quick few sit ups aren’t going to cut it in this fat burning piece. That’s def where the 20 mins minimum of fitness a day enters in – it’s proven that the rate of calorie burning can slow down during longer endurance stints…may make fitness less of a chore for some 😉 ! Having a fitness and nutrition coach is an excellent way to help keep accountability and on track to achieve body shape goals.

Ways the diet can change the body:

Weight Loss: The age old formula of what you put in to your body needs to equal less Cals than what you burn each day also needs to be considered if you want to lose weight. A nutrition coach will help calculate these two factors and guide a client through the mechanism to make a plan like this stick to get results

Building Muscle: You might actually want to build body mass… bigger muscles – legs, arms maybe…bum (!) 🤷🏻‍♀️and a protein controlled diet would support the goals here.

Detoxing and finding glow and energy: I’m on a 30 day cleanse to support my own detoxing and weight loss goals to find more energy, and I’m not going to just achieve this through cutting calories – that isn’t necessarily the right approach for everyone.  I’m using protein shakes and supplements to help my journey on to make sure I’m getting all the right nutrients and to aid my health goals. 
Just to add the dress in this pic is the one I’m wearing to the Guides For Brides Wedding Awards – this was one event I wanted to find my glow and feel a little more confident in my skin for…and I definitely feel better for the cleanse, two weeks in!

A good nutrition coach and fitness coach can help you work out the best diet and fitness combination to support your ideal body shape. Working out your macronutrients with a good nutritionist: healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates is really important, to re-assess the right diet plan at every stage of life, as our bodies, metabolic rates and circumstances change. 

If you would like to chat through your health goals with me, or would like more info on the 30 day cleanse, feel free to book time in through the calendar below to help work out your body weight and shape goals and how we can achieve them!