Pilates could help reduce niggly aches and pains, twinges and even weaknesses in key parts of your body that make physical activity/ playtime etc with the kids a bit uncomfortable

Have you got any niggly aches and pains, twinges and even weaknesses in key parts of your body that make physical activity/ playtime etc with the kids a bit uncomfortable – pain in your back, hips or knees for example? For me it used to be the thoracic/middle area of my back – twinges caused by hours of slumping over Baby O as I breastfed her.  We kind of feel we want to close in on them to make them feel comfy and nurtured, but we’re closing in shoulders and slouching, which is only going to aggravate and squish the vertebrae.  Pilates sorted me out.  I focussed on the right type of exercise to counteract the slouch and re-strengthen the compressed vertebrae. And woah.  The energy I have – and lack of illness – I know can be attested to Pilates.

My regular, long term clients also tell me the same.  Actually these are people of all ages at the gym I teach at (some are in their 80s!). They tell me they feel strong for the day to day stuff and like they have more stamina and energy through my classes.  What stands out is the transformation from their dedication to MOVEMENT…welll, not just any old movement – but Pilates of course! These people are taking my classes two or three times per week and have been with me for over 6 months.  The parents among my clients tell me how they don’t notice it being a struggle to pick up and play with their kids now – whereas before they notices the heave-ho.  If that’s not a testimony to the power of Pilates, I don’t know what is. Consistency is definitely key to futureproofing your body. 

Here are three ways that Pilates could help:

  1. A good instructor will help identify areas of weakness and develop a programme of movement to strengthen areas weakened through lack of exercise or lack of focus on that muscle group.
  2. Pilates can help to stretch out tight or tense areas and identify antagonist muscles groups: where one set of muscles may need strengthening, another opposing set of muscles may need stretching.
  3. Pilates focuses on the breath, which is known to help increase relaxation in the total body and mind, and by focusing the breath to specific areas of the body, the breath may help to increase blood and oxygen flow to troublesome areas.

So if you’ve been starting to feel the twinge from the repetitive actions we parents do on a daily basis; feeding/leaning over baby and rocking them to sleep, putting them in the cot, picking them up and sitting them on your hip or to have a good old play around without feeling the heave ho, then perhaps you should see what the buzz is about. Chat to a Pilates instructor to get a regular programme of rehabilitative movement in your diary.

Back issues are such a cause of misery for parents, and stop them from having all the fun. I’ve got a free 30 min video of some regular, gentle back strengthening and mobility. Contact me here if you’d like to receive the video. It won’t be the magic solution, but might be a good starting point for regular movement inspiration to help.ย  I’ll always advise to get some physio time if a pain is debilitating and more than a ‘niggle’,ย and you’re unable to function because of it, before working with me.

If you want a regular programme of exercises to either prevent issues, nip your niggles in the butt, or to really get you some proper energy, strength and stamina for the long run, Mama Strength is THE place to start.  From just around ยฃ4.50 per session three times a week, this could be the perfect place to discover your future energy, strength and stamina.

Book a free 45 minute call with me to talk through those pains, and I’ll give you a good actionable plan of fitness and nutrition to start getting on with, whilst we get to the bottom of what could be keeping you stuck in the niggles.