mum carrying child on shoulders

Can’t squeeze in your regular workouts or movement you love to do? Here’s some tips to inspire you parents how to do more regular physical activity if you can’t always get to the gym or fitness class!

I created my Mama Strength Pilates programmes based on the feedback from my clients and the mums in my life, and I’m talking to those ofย you who just can’t find the time to fit in the workout. How can you keep moving when you can’t get to the gym, fitness class or whatever you love to do to build the muscle, burn the calories, or just make time for yourself (but plleeeasee to try)!

Here’s some motivation to help you move more frequently before days turn in to weeks and weeks turn into months and you haven’t prioritised your energy, strength or stamina:

  1. Ready, set, go!: Get your boring stuff done with the motivation to move FAST – an actually say this in your head like you’re starting a race! Making dinner, weeding the garden, doing the shop (yeah the customers will be fascinated by you moving like there’s some sort of apocalypse coming) – you’ll get the circulation boosted as you move at speed. It’s crazy how this phrase makes us move!
  2. Wear your fitness gear on the family days out: I mean who wants to run in the push up bra? The clothes we wear are possibly going to inspire us to move in a different way, so we’re more likely to feel happy about getting sweaty in the clothes designed to let the skin breath – and it’s important to support the boobs through the active days out with a good supportive bra.
  3. Keep the music on: Blast the favourite tunes come rain or shine and see what happens to the family vibe. The times we’re in a funk in our household and one of us (meaning myself or the 6 year old) puts the tunes on and whoosh: before we know it we’re having a rave…and suddenly I can’t catch my breath whether through giggles or from the demands to pick her up and flip her upside down (my pelvic floor and core strength fully tested ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

There’s so much more to say on this and essentially the key is to make fitness work for your lifestyle. Give yourself the chance to move when you can. Working out whilst baby is sleeping, finding the on demand workouts you like to work around your schedule, walk faster with the buggy…be consistent so you get into the habit of moving and before you know it you’re loving the benefits and reaping the health rewards of your work when you start to feel fitter, stronger and get more energy. If there’s one thing you can do for yourself is be kind to yourself and if you don’t feel like moving, don’t do it!!