Choreographer, Alison Brewerton, has created imaginative routines for dancers and non-dancers, professional productions and music videos, and community or education performance.

Her works include:

Different Trains‘ – a contemporary dance and live music collaboration with Bergersen String Quartet, created to the Steve Reich score of the same title.

Express Yourself’ by the Blockheads – music video.

Life’s Roulette’ – A contemporary piece created for NewVIc Dance Company.

Lisa Faye Productions – Choreographer for cabaret act.

Not only does she understand the concepts but also makes it a collaborative and enjoyable experience.  She is such a great dancer with such great ideas – its not difficult to see how she draws out the best!  It’s been a pleasure. Hope we can do its again soon.”

Deeivya Meir – Dancer, The Blockheads music video