Introducing the Wedding Glow Fitness & Health Plan

Increased strength, stamina, energy, confidence. Inside & out!

What if I told you that I can help set you up with a fitness and health plan to support your wedding day confidence – not just on the dancefloor, but for every aspect of your wedding day…and help you develop a manageable plan that you can commit to beyond your wedding day. You wanna be fit for life babyyyy*! Find that glow inside and out.

Wedding Glow Health & Fitness Plan
Wedding Glow health and fitness plan

Wedding Glow Fitness plans are either a standalone option or can be bolted on to your programme of dance lessons at an intro price of £55 per month with:

🧡 Online Pilates for muscular strength, tone and stamina – Pilates is loved by us dancers not least because it supports our postural alignment – key to helping you stand tall and feel confident too;

🧡Coaching to keep you on track with a complete fitness & nutrition plan;

🧡Nutrition plans to help with your weight and body shape goals (expect change if you’re starting no less than 6 months in advance of your wedding!);

🧡An optional 30 day dietary support and skincare glow plan with nutritional products to supplement your healthy diet plans in the lead up to your wedding.

With a goody box to get you started including skincare samples, fitness resistance band, and some calming me time products too, I’ll help you feel pampered, energised, strong, nourished and loved!

*Oh and speaking of babies, if you’re hoping to plan for a family in the future, or have recently had children in the last five years, I can help you prepare your beautiful body for that too – don’t wait until after babies have arrived…Just saying!