Achieve and maintain healthy body weight and help to reduce the food bills

Fruit & Veg Box of dreams!

I’m hearing a common theme of needing inspiration for healthy eating from the parents I’m in contact with, and equally a hot topic in the news at the mo is families worrying about finances / increasing food costs. This week I’ve been sharing tips and re-sharing some blogs I wrote in my Mama Connect Facebook group, with a few suggestions to get some faff free low cost healthy eating going on that should work for the whole family. I’m supporting my Mama Strength Pilates Programme clients to make minimal changes every day to their daily routines to help prioritise themselves and their health on a daily basis in a manageable way. Here are more easy ways to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, alongside a regular fitness plan (calculate your healthy BMI here). Essentially unhealthy snacking is a major fiend to both body weight and budget, so let’s look at ways we can curb those snacky cravings or avoid over-eating – aand eating less also means lower food bills. Win win all round!:

  1. Get a later brekkie – there’s many mixed reports on ‘fasting’ diets, so feel free to do your own research here (I’m neither advocating or poo-pooing it as I think it varies in the individual), but delaying breakfast until after school drop off maybe means eating closer to lunch and therefore reducing the need for mid-morning snacks.
  2. Brush your teeth after the main course – having a fresh mouth means less likely to want to eat dessert…unless you reallllly want to eat it! 😉 A small drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue also has a similar effect if you’re out and about (check the oil is good enough quality to ingest – I prefer pure, high quality oils like DoTerra).
  3. Essential oils – Sniff ’em, drink a few drops in hot water, massage in to pressure points…oils can play many roles in weight management: curb cravings, increase metabolism, aid digestion, reduce sugar cravings – sooo much potential. I’ll be talking more about these elixirs of nature in the Mama Connect Facebook group.
  4. Drink a glass of water before a meal and eat off a smaller plate – the water makes you feel fuller, and a smaller plate will psychologically make you feel you’ve got enough on your plate.
  5. What are your healthy yummy snacks?? My favourite is a handful of nuts with my morning coffee. Strangely enough the flavours mixed together tastes like some sort of naughtiness! Or find something that you can keep in the cupboard that is at least good quality – organic maybe. On that note – I’ve been saving money on snacking – and now we’re a plant based household, on meat – and getting organic fruit and veg boxes instead.

This Eatwell Guide is a basic but useful reminder of how much of what we eat overall should come from each food group to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.

Ok obviously we want to enjoy life, right? Life’s too short to be completely virtuous, so everything in moderation. So have a think: what little changes can you make, and where you can get – or curb – your naughty craving fixes?

I’m actually in the upper end of my BMI. What am I going to do about it? Firstly I’m going to take a deep breath – remind myself I’m happy with my body, and how powerful and incredible it is, than I’ll REDUCE MY SNACKING AND GET MORE CARDIO going on! 💪💪💪

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