Pilates For Parents = Healthy, Happy Parenting

Picturing a Summer of running through fields; on the beaches – effortlessly picking up the kids and spinning round with them as you go, without feeling the heave-ho as you lift them?  It’s the classic, carefree image of parenthood. 

Keeping strong and fit has wonderful benefits for parents, not only preparing the body for all the physical eventualities that comes with having kids, but also helping parents to enjoy play time with them on those great days out and holidays to come.

Having fun play time with kids can physically demanding, as can sitting breast feeding for hours; rocking a child to sleep; managing their raging tantrums!  A stronger body will help you to match their energy whilst reducing the chance of long-term injury to joints and muscles.

Dancing Mama Fitness helps parents prepare for the physicalities of parenthood through Matwork Pilates – the perfect mind and body workout for parents, holistically supporting mental health and wellbeing. 

The many benefits of regular Pilates practice for parents include:

  • improves strength for demanding activities with kids;
  • improves and strengthens posture/alignment, corrects postural issues;
  • improves physical health – helping to stave off illnesses;
  • makes us happier! Happy parents = happy home;
  • beats stress – Pilates focusses on coordinating movement and breath, known through many practices to calm the mind;
  • helps us live longer lives – we want to see our kids thrive well into the future, right?!

It’s not just about making time to respect and care for our bodies and mental health – it’s about the benefits we’re passing on to our children as a result!

Personal Pilates Tuition

Dancing Mama Fitness will set up small group and 1:1 Pilates just for you and your friends. We come to a venue near you, at a time that suits you, for a programme of personal training sessions around Beds, Herts & Bucks.

Bring your babies or young kids to join in with fun sessions incorporating the babies into exercise with and without baby carriers – or leave the kids at home!

We love the outdoors, so if possible we’ll take our workouts to the wild and connect with nature for some feel good, holistic mind and body vibrations too.

Share the cost of sessions with a group of friends – the feeling of personal training on a more affordable level – or treat yourself to a personal, bespoke programme of sessions.  

Example cost: From as little as £8 per person per hour, paying per month and based on a group of 5 people at your home (subject to size/suitability of flooring/terrain!).

Get in touch for more info:

Facebook: @Dancing Mama Fitness


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