Dancing Mama – Reason #2 for pre- & post-natal walking

Winter Pregnancies Before Mat Leave and Vitamin D

So wet, winters, miserable weather and threat of tube strikes doesn’t always inspire a brisk walk after work, and the worry of wanting to get a head start on the home journey before it gets too late doesn’t encourage going to the gym or a dance class after work.

OPTION 1: those usually commuting by train use this time as an excuse to walk between tube stations (if you’re dressed for the rain of course), as it will probably be way quicker than ridiculous queues for the trains when they’re striking.

OPTION 2: I opted to head home to avoid getting home too late, given that I struggled to stay awake past 9pm ATM. I was staying with my great aunt closer to work when I was still working. Limited workout resources at hers meant, to her deep confusion, I’d dig out her food cupboard. Cue food tin video (in my early pregnancy days !)…

I also discovered that unborn babies carried during winter months are more susceptible to low Vitamin D levels when born as expectant mums are less likely to get daylight, especially if working throughout the day – my LO was slightly jaundiced at birth. A lunchtime walk will mean mum (and baby if he/she has arrived) is more likely to top up on the sunshine during daylight hours. ย I was fortunate that at least we had a fairly dry, sunny winter, so could go for a stroll in the beautiful, hilly Greenwich park during my break time!

Likewise my group walks are now helping our little ones get their daylight time during the winter months. ย The temptation is to wrap babies up – but I think, whilst they are in baby carriers and we act like hot water bottles for each other, as long as we regularly make sure babies aren’t cold on their head and it’s not too windy, there is no harm to keep their heads hat-free and let the winter sun kiss their skin for short periods!

Topping Up On Vitamin D